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Yoga Burn Review – My Own Personal Journey

Hi there, my name is Shelia Harper and I want to share with you my very own, very personal journey with yoga burn.  But first, I need to explain how I found Yoga Burn, so I’m going to start by telling you about my own life-changing journey before we get into the yoga burn dvd reviews, below.

Last year, I remember like it was yesterday, but it seems so long ago, it was a gorgeous spring morning in Manhattan, complete with all the beauty signifying the early start to a beautiful summer.  I remember because it was my niece’s birthday and my husband Tom and I were set to go off to her birthday party and we’d planned a lovely family visit out to my sister Sarah’s in New Hampshire. My husband and I were also going to have a little romantic trip afterwards, that he had been planning.

We were just getting ready for the three hour drive, when my husband’s phone rang, it was my good friend Shelly and what struck me odd is that I noticed that she was calling Tom’s cellphone. I thought that was strange but not as strange as Tom’s reaction. He turned pale as a ghost and hurriedly shut off the ringer, looked like he would almost get sick, he started sweating profusely it was all in a quick moment but it felt like forever.

Strange how when you feel you know someone so well you can almost feel that something’s not right; the tension was unreal and he knew that I saw her number on the call display. So I took a couple deep breaths and tried to mull over in my head why Shelly would be calling my husband.

I told myself “must be something innocent”, but as the moments went on I attempted to rationalize why he was acting so nervous. Felt the only way was to test him. So I asked him “Tom, what was that all about, who was that?” Tom replied, oh it was just my brother, he keeps bugging me to go fishing with him this weekend, but I know how important Leeah’s birthday is to you.” Just like that my heart sank I SAW Shelly’s number, what Tom is doing lying to me outright I thought to myself.

Then, out of nowhere his cellphone start ringing again, he covering the display and looking very guilty say’s “I have to go take this it’s Robert”. Robert is Tom’s business partner at the landscaping company they both own, this was normal, after his business really picked up for Tom and Robert, Tom was always busy; oftentimes working late into the evening.

This was normal but Shelly’s call was not normal I couldn’t stop wondering and I was furious; but I had to get going if Tom and I were going to make it to Leeah’s birthday, it was going on for noon and I still had to pick up a cake halfway across town the wrong direction, I had to get Tom and get going, “I’ll ask him about Shelly, later” I thought to myself. So I rushed back into the house to get Tom and just as I get through the front door, there’s Tom as if he was waiting for me, I said “ready to get going Tom?”

Tom looked up at me with a strange awkward glance and replied “Robert’s in trouble, two of the guy’s backed out on him. I’ve got to get to Miami, to cover for Robert and meet with the investors…I am so sorry Shelia, I know how much this trip means to you, but I have to back out. Robert’s tied up at the properties.” What the hell Tom…? I thought to myself, first he backed out of our anniversary Trip in Vegas; leaving me stranded and alone and now this… “This was supposed to be our trip, Tom” “you promised me that after Vegas” I sharply voiced. “I know babe, I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

I just wanted to let him have it, but I was late and had to get going, or else I’d miss out and have to spend the weekend alone without Tom home, so I held back, even though underneath I was so angry, so many times before he’s promised and here’s another one he’s breaking, it took everything I had to hold back the anger. That’s Fine Tom, your jobs obviously more important than our relationship, I said as I turned and walked out the front door.

You know what, I really had to hold back my emotions I was really hurt, he’s been doing this so much lately that we’ve really drifted apart recently, but I realized we’re a married couple of 12 years so, I just told myself this was normal and better yet I made a promise to myself that I’d give it my all and show Tom that I really love him.

Even though our relationship seemed rocky at times like when he’d start drinking Tom would get a special kind of mean; the meanness that only people that know you so well can stoop to. You see, he used to call me fatty and a slob, like really mean thing, things like that would really eat away at me. It got to the point that he made me feel like I looked disgusting and it scarred me, I wanted to be that woman that he wanted, it was like it consumed me.

So I set out and joined classes, went on a diet, read every diet book you can possibly imagine, I wasn’t going to let down Tom! For the first couple of weeks my dieting and spin classes were starting to payoff, I was down 7 pounds. Hallelujah!

I was on fire! I kept thinking to myself another couple months of this and I’ll be on track to meet my goal weight by August 1st my best friend Nicole’s wedding, this is fantastic. I decided that I wouldn’t look back at the scale for another week, and then it will be that much sweeter to see the extra weight I’ve lost…

So I powered through the week and I mean I gave it my all; I was literally running to spin classes, following a strict 1200 calorie diet and was feeling so much more confident that I’d be in beautiful shape to be a bridesmaid at Nicole’s wedding; she was so excited about her and Ken’s big day, and I’m going to be there for my girl on her big day.

By the last week I was feeling it big time, I was just exhausted and those spin classes were just ruining me, I wanted so much to just go and get some fast food but I had a vision and nothing was going to get in the way. I was aching all over and my feet were killing me. When the time came to check the scale I knew that this was where I could see all that hard work payoff, finally I could start looking for a dress for the wedding and Tom would be so proud.

As I stepped onto the scale, I could hardly contain my excitement, but just like being smacked in the face, I’d actually gained weight. I thought there’s no way, that can’t be right I thought. So I quickly stepped off and then back on again, same thing, the exact same.

I was convinced that maybe the scale was broken, there’s no way that can be right, not with all that effort, no way. In fact, I even went as far as going over to my girlfriend Rachel’s house my mind just in an anxious panic, convinced there was something wrong with my scale, I’d just try hers scale out and find out for sure.

I’ll spare the details about my night at Rachel’s place, I was a wreck, Tom had to come pick me up, I was just a mess and drank way too much. I had really let everyone down; at this rate I’ll never make it to my goal weight. I stayed in bed for the next few day’s hardly moving, it really just sent me into a big depression, I was so upset.

Remember when I’d said I was going to my niece Leeah’s for her birthday? Well, funny story there, I drove out without Tom because he had to go meet with his and Robert’s investors. It was such a long drive and I couldn’t stop dwelling on what Tom said and how he promised me that this would be our trip, he had planned to take a week off of work so that we could have some time together, time that we both had agreed we needed to heal our relationship, I was so pissed that he’d back out like that, just like he did in Vegas, it was really bothering me, I was really giving my all and it was like Tom just was somewhere else.

I took a couple of deep breaths and ran it through my mind that I knew how important Tom’s work was for our future so I’d in my mind rationalize that’s why, he was trying to make a good future for us. The entire drive was brutal because the whole time my mind was racing through all the emotions, replaying them over and over again. I really was upset but I just kept reassuring myself that I’d be okay, I get back on track after the visit with Leeah.

After what seemed like forever and a 4 1/2 hour drive,  I was finally pulling up to my sister Sarah’s house and thought it would be best to text her and let her know I was just getting there. She replied and insisted that she’d meet me outside, I thought that was strange but she insisted so I played along. I get out of the car, had to park on the side of the street, and started walking towards my sister’s house.

As I begin to reach the walkway to the front door a lady is walking towards me, she looks familiar but I just can’t put my finger on where I know her from; just as I’m walking past her, I hear a voice ring out “Shelia, what are you just going to walk by your sister and not say hi?” I was caught completely off guard but there was no mistaking that voice it was my sister Sarah. I looked at her and my jaw literally dropped. Sarah, you…you..what? “I…I lost weight” she replied with the biggest grin ever.

What the heck Sarah you have completely transformed, I was just here visiting with you two months ago? How’d you lose so much weight?, I asked. I could hardly believe my eyes; you see both my sister Sarah and I had struggled all through our younger years with weight gain, we’d been through it together and I’d never seen her like this before.

Sarah and I have almost the same build and she’s 33 and I’m 32 so we were always really close, I can’t believe I almost didn’t recognize her but you have to understand that I had never ever seen her at 125 pounds, we both were pretty close in weight and here I am 232 pounds and her almost half the weight.

People would often think that Sarah and I were twins because we looked so similar and were so close in age; this was just stunning seeing her this gorgeous. I was instantly jealous. When we were younger, in school, it was really hard for both Sarah and I, people would say the most horrible things because we were overweight, I think back to those times and I think I took it the hardest, Sarah was like my rock.

She helped me deal with the abuse from schoolmates and to be that shoulder to cry on, when the “perfect” girls would tease me. They’d call us the “big mac twins” it was just horrible. I used to despise going to school, it was almost too much to take.

I couldn’t take it anymore I had to ask her “So Sarah, are you going to tell me your secret? You look amazing!” She replied “Well, I was doing so yoga classes and I really started to enjoy them, but I felt there was something missing.

“You know Shelia, I loved the classes, up until there was all that pressure to keep up with the instructor; it made the yoga stressful and that made me dislike the classes. It really became a chore to go to the classes but I knew it was the stress and pressure all part of that environment. Not only that, but I was not getting the full workout from the classes that I thought and expected. I started looking for a stress free alternative to yoga classes and some of my girlfriends from the yoga classes were really impressed with this yoga plan for weight loss that you can get on dvd and do at home.”

Not only am I going to be there for her, I’m going to be there for Tom and fix our relationship.

Seeing as Sarah and her new guy were getting so cuddly and Leeah going back early the next morning, I decided that maybe I’d get to bed and get an early start back tomorrow morning. I felt like the third wheel so felt it best to get back home, I know Tom was away in Florida, I’d get back and check out that yoga burn plan that Sarah did so well with and get started catching up on a few things that I’ve left on the backburner. So I said goodnight and headed up to the spare bedroom and retired for the night.

The next morning, I had a lovely breakfast with Sarah and my niece Leeah. I said my goodbyes and I was off. As I got back into my car and was preparing to leave I pulled my cellphone out of my purse and realised that the battery must have died at some point last night, this immediately made me think of Tom again, he was usually the “tech guy” and would bring all the chargers anytime we went out of town, I didn’t have a charger so thought to myself “great now nearly 5 hour drive back and no cellphone”.

Anyways I thought while I was driving about how my sister had accomplished so much, and how she did it all with yoga, I thought about it practically the whole way home. If she could do it, then certainly I could do it too, I had this just this amazing feeling like something I’d never realized before, maybe I really could do this… Just maybe I could pull it off too.

I’d worked it all out, first I’d go and get started with this yoga burn workout, then start working at making things right with Tom, I would be unstoppable I told myself. Don’t get me wrong, he had work to do too, I wasn’t going to keep putting up with broken promises and his drinking; but I’d really try my best for the sake of our marriage, I wanted to put my best effort out there. Little did I know how quickly thing can change.

As I approached my street, seeing as we are in the corner of a cul-de-sac I had a straight line of vision right to our house and something really strange struck me. The lights were all on and as I crept closer, I noticed two cars in the driveway, Tom’s black escalade and there was another car parked next to it. “That’s so strange, what is going on, Tom’s supposed to be in Florida, and who’s car is that..?” I thought out loud. As I drove closer towards our house I could see rental tags on the blue impala parked next to my husbands SUV.

So I slowly pulled up to the curb, shut the car off  and took my duffel bag out of the backseat. I thought to myself that maybe something had fallen through with Tom’s trip, anyways I walked to the front door and strangely enough it was locked, that’s strange, we usually leave the door unlocked during the day, we live in a relatively safe neighborhood and oftentimes we don’t even lock the door at night.

As I unlocked the door, I was greeted with the thick smell of perfume in the air, it was almost intoxicating, the smell was very powerful. Before I could really think twice about the smell, I went to the mat to take my shoes off and noticed the most beautiful pair of patent black pumps. The most amazing thing though… is that they didn’t belong to me… Wait a minute here, what is going on, that smell of strong perfume and those shoes, I don’t get it… Unless.. my train of thought was broken when I heard voices upstairs. My head was swimming with emotions, I was trying to figure out what was going on, until my worst fears were realized. I’ll spare the details but turns out Tom was cheating on me. Not only was he cheating on me, it was with one of my friends.

So if you remember Nicole right, my good friend who I was working so hard at trying to lose weight in time to be her bridesmaid at her and her Fiance Ken’s wedding? Yup, she was cheating with my husband Tom on me and her fiance… Talk about shocked, I had no idea, I never had any suspicion he was cheating on me, and here Tom is with my good friend. My heart felt as if it sank all the way to my stomach and it was like a dream, hard to explain. I was so distraught, angry, hurt and sad at the same time, I was just in a all out panic.

“Tom, what the hell” I can’t believe he’d do this to me, I was completely heartbroken, after this many years of being married, here he is cheating on me and hear was who I thought was a good friend betraying me at the same time, it was unreal. He just looked at me with a blank emotionless stare and I’ll never forget that look, it was like he didn’t even want to try and fight back, it’s as if his look spoke volumes, he didn’t have to say anything form the way he was looking convinced me it was over and the love was gone, we were defeated. It was over.

I took all I could fit into my car and I stormed out of the house, I was a mess, an absolute mess but I told myself to keep calm, my brother lives about an hour away and I’ll just drive, I’ll get there and I can figure out a gameplan from there. To be honest I was such a mess I probably shouldn’t have been driving, I was just full of such powerful emotions, all those years, all those promises, gone.

I spent the next few days at my brother Shane’s place and he was totally my rock for support, he’s such a positive person, he kept reassuring me that the best thing would be to not dwell on what happened, he then offered me his spare room for as long as I needed and I was grateful to him for that.

I took some time off work and I spent the time at my brother’s and I’d just binge eat everything you can imagine. Fast food, ordering three times a day. Pizza, Chinese food, ice cream, I ate so much I just felt disgusting, it was like I was trying to fill a void and was emotional eating to the extreme.

After a few days I decided to break the news to my sister on the phone and filled her in on everything, she was so upset, we talked for literally hours and had a big heart-to-heart. She told me that I needed to move on as quickly as possible and not sulk and keep dwelling on my emotions. Her words really resonated with me and that’s when I remembered that yoga plan that she had such great results with. She sent me the link and as I watched the video I was really excited to give it a try, I felt I didn’t have much to lose with just trying the yoga burn system for myself.

The Yoga Burn System My Own Personal Review

So you have to be asking yourself by now, what’s all this poor woman’s drama have to do with yoga burn? Well as it so happened the yoga burn system was exactly what I needed all those years ago. As soon as I put the yoga burn DVD in, I immediately fell in love. Turns out that yoga burn is exactly what I needed right there at that moment. Yoga burn home yoga literally changed my life for the better. I never was really convinced that their yoga videos could be as beneficial to my health as it turned out the are.

I was always the one in classes that needed that extra attention learning new moves, that’s not really an issue but personally I felt that I was slowing down the rest of the class and ultimately holding everybody else up. This was my problem with yoga classes, there is just too high of a pace sometimes, I really started to dislike it because of that.

This unique yoga burn system for women is the most complete yoga system I think there is anywhere. You go from beginner, to intermediate all the way to the flow mastery stage where yoga becomes a fluid movement. Zoe Bray Cotton is there to present and narrate the whole experience making it so easy to learn in the stress free environment of your living room.

That’s another reason why yoga burn is the perfect plan for me, I can go at my own pace and that whole pressure is lifted off my shoulders. You see, I really think that’s what so many issues with losing weight through the years. I’ve done some research and it ring totally true. Stress is a powerful thing that actually makes your body store fat. The cortisol (stress hormone) activates in the body like a switch that makes the body store fat. Crazy, right?

Turns out that in my case I was stressed out and must have been in fat storing mode, I mean I worked really hard but couldn’t manage to keep losing fat after I hit that plateau.


yoga burn dvd home


That’s not all though, I learned firsthand how peaceful and spiritual yoga really can be. For example, in a class there’s so many others it’s really hard to connect with nature, like you could once you  learned how from yoga burn.

With yoga burn you can order it here. How it works is you can buy the videos shipped to you free, or you can just get access to the video after purchasing, it’s up to you, but I got the DVDs shipped, it’s so much easier for me to play it in my rec room that way. Shipping was very fast had the videos within a few days which I thought was great!

How it works is there are three “phases” to yoga burn, you start at phase one and work up to phase 3.

  • Phase One: The Foundational Flow Phase – Here’s where you start with yoga burn home yoga. You will learn the foundations of yoga through their introduction. Have some yoga experience already? Don’t worry phase one also has you covered with foundational skills to even build on your prior yoga experience. It’s a great fit for beginner to intermediate; if you are more advanced you may also find you learn a few things from this phase. You’ll start to feel it here during this initial phase as you begin to tighten and tone your muscles all through this 4 week first stage.
  • Phase Two: The Transitional Flow Phase – Over the next 4 weeks, the yoga burn home transitional flow stage is where you build on the basics that you have now gone over in detail from the first phase.  You will surely notice by the beginning of this stage that you are gaining the flexibility and extra strength required for the next stage. Here you’ll work on gaining the skills to transition through yoga moves, this is so exciting because you start feeling the burn through your whole body, it’s great. You may need to work at this stage, remember no pressure, go at your comfortable pace.
  • Phase Three: The Mastery Flow Phase – The mastery phase is where it all really comes together for an intense fat burning experience! This is where your yoga becomes a continuous transition, meaning your keeping in motion and thus an intense yoga workout that you will master over the next four weeks.

Turns out yoga burn in my honest opinion is the best yoga dvd for weight loss. Hands down I’ve looked everywhere and I couldn’t find anything that comes close to the quality of Zoe Brae-Cotton’s yoga burn compilation. Whether your beginner all the way to advanced yoga poses and moves; there’s something for you. I wouldn’t recommend yoga burn unless I was convinced it is such a great yoga at home for weight loss solution. Buy yoga burn here and get started today!

Why I Loved Yoga Burn

Yoga burn brings so much value; I mean if you work out the costs of a traditional yoga class, it’s a huge savings, especially over the long run and for less than a cup of coffee per day for a month by far the best yoga at home for weight loss and value.

Yoga burn really works. In the stress free environment like your home the sky is the limit to how much weight you will lose. Follow along at the pace that suits you and there’s absolutely no pressure. This makes all the difference for me and I’m sure it will for you!

Its really amazing how much of a difference that stress really makes; I mean I would have never though had I not experienced it myself. So I have now been using the yoga burn plan for the last six months and it been great, I have never been in as good shape as I am now.

My endurance is unreal and I have so much more energy. I look at my sister Sarah and she’s a total success story also; she is still in just as great shape and she also still uses yoga burn. There’s just so much value here, I felt I had to share my story and hopefully you will have as much if not better success, good luck on your journey! This unique fat burning yoga system is one-of-a-kind you won’t find anything quite like it, anywhere.


Yoga Burn Guarantee

The good folks over at yoga burn offer a rock solid guarantee of 60-day no hassle refunds, if you don’t love yoga burn like I do or it just doesn’t work for you, just refund and get your money back. 60 days to feel out yoga burn and make sure it fits you; you can’t say that about too many other products out there in the market. Yoga burn means success guaranteed.

How do you buy the yoga burn DVD series? If you would like to purchase yoga burn it’s simple and secure. Just click or tap the “visit official website” below and get started on this both unique and life changing yoga home workout series today!

yoga burn review

Yoga Burn Home DVD Workout